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  • About the Devices. 

    Will be covering how each voice search platforms works and how you can take advantage of this tehcnology for your business.
    Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, & Bixby
  • About the technology

    WIll go over how the technology works for each case and the best practices you apply today.
  • How Voice Business Search works

    Learn how voice search is disrupting the marketplace in the US.  Learn the steps needed to get your business listed for voice search and what benefits you will get by doing so.
  • The Five secret rules

    You will learn how the five secret rules apply to your business and how to take action.  
  •  How to use and interpret the scan tool 

    Lern how to use and inepret how our free voice search scan works. Use the latest technology to leverage your business.
  • How keywords really work

    You will learn how keywords differ from regular SEO and how to update your information for voice search. 
  • Learn marketing trends and best practices

    With more than 17 years of operating experience in specialized service areas, we have served more than 100 private sector companies and more than 30 government entities; we want to help your business grow by giving you the best tips and tricks to help you achive your business goals. 


What Experts have to say

“Big part of google assistant is calling businesses, scheduling appointments, get products or services. We want to connect the user with business. In America, 60% of small businesses don’t have an automatic system for an appointment. With AI google assistant, we can ask Google to find a business and book an appointment"

“Predictably, voice services will replace keyboard very soon”

Sundar Pichai

Google CEO

All you need to know in less than 30 minutes 

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