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Why Getting listed for voice search is critical for S & M Business success?   

Keeping up to date

Because if your products, services, and value proposition is not properly registered on all voice search platforms, small businesses are at risk of missing out on millions of possible new clients.

Get Discovered by voice

Voice search registration for businesses today is a “secret to be discovered,” it does not require owners to time, is inexpensive, reliable, and only reaches those clients looking for your products.

The trend of the future

30 million companies are actively registered in the IRS, plus 40 million independent professionals. The market size in America is 115 million clients.  In simple terms, all American consumers have today access to at least 2 different voice assistant platforms. As more businesses start registering their product for Voice search, the more powerful and common the use of this smart engine will become.

Follow the data

Approximately seven out of ten consumers (71 percent) prefer to use voice searches to conduct a query over the traditional method of typing (PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2018).